The definition of a paracosm is often put as such: A prolonged, fantastical world created inside the mind of a child, often times involving what exists in our world but mixing it with a history involving creatures and concepts like elves, aliens, magic or other unreal conceptualizations, such as made up languages and indeed even their own laws of nature.

The definition of a beard is often put as such: A growth of hair on a man’s chin and lower cheeks.

As such, I believe that the Bearded Paracosm is a rather apt description of what goes on both on and inside the lump that rests atop my shoulders.
My name is Sebastian Jansson, and I have been considering a blog for some time now. My friends (and really, most people that have met me) know that I have a tendency to vocalize my opinion on all manner of things, but most especially so when it comes to storytelling. I began reading books pretty much the moment I figured out how to and then proceeded to get involved in role-playing the moment I found a group in my home town. Computer games, naturally, also found themselves into my life. These three hobbies, that I would like to describe as three of the five pillars that keep me sane (or insane?), have all played a large part in making me who I am today.

The fourth pillar, namely creating my own stories, is the reason I created this blog. I have always had the need to explore my own mind and see what and who it can create. Furthermore, I have lost the ability to look at the stories of others without thinking “What makes this work?” and “What can I learn from this?”, much to the chagrin to those closest to me (though I hope that they find it at least a little endearing). And so I have for some years now taking to writing my own stories. Yet I feel that the point of stories is to tell them, and while I am happy enough to simply tell them to myself, I figured that there may be some people out there that wish to partake in them. And so I will post them here, for you to read at your leisure. I hope you will find something you like, though even if you do not I would love to hear from you. I view this as an opportunity to grow, and as such knowing both what does and what does not work is extremely helpful.

Of course, in addition to my stories you may well notice the occasional book or game review as the mood strikes me.

TL;DR: This is a blog where I will upload my creative writing.


P.S. For those wondering, the fifth pillar is my girlfriend. Her patience is that of an angel’s in regards to my obsessions.